At the Reiners'Alm ...
... demanding guests can rent an "apartment on time" and enjoy home-made "Wohn-DelikatEssen". The Reiners`Alm sees itself here as a creative living-manufacturing facility for beautiful, comfortable and individual living; here, living spaces become special habitats.

The owner of the Reiners`Alm personally takes care of this property because he has the time and the freedom to develop and realize extraordinary ideas and alternative living concepts:

Open space, living and living quality, construction and home decor as well as communication and neighborhood characterize the Almwohnen on the Reiners`Alm.

The Reiners`Alm offers home-made "Wohn-DelikatEssen":

Here you will find a wide range for almost all living requirements: luxurious business suites, comfortable apartments, exclusive gallery maisonette apartments, inspiring studio apartments or functional wooden log cabins.

Every single residential property has its own charm with loving details and is each a special living delicacy; Everything was extremely exciting and implemented with great feeling and the very best equipment, each a homemade specialty of Reiners`Alm.

Demanding residents, for whom a hotel stay is out of the question, can rent a fully furnished apartment with a fully equipped kitchen on the Reiners`Alm. This allows the residents to live their individual life and a time-based domesticity. Short- and long-term, temporary and permanent rentals of fully furnished residential properties are possible on the Reiners'Alm.